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How to reduce Uric Acid in Ayurveda

What is Uric Acid?

Uric acid is formed due to chemical breakdown of compounds called “Purine” which exists in our body. It flows through the blood and reaches the kidney and after that flushed out from the body via stools. Uric acid is good for us because it acts an antioxidant and helps to look after the internal linings of our blood vessels.

How to reduce Uric Acid in Ayurveda

When the kidneys are not functioning properly the uric acid is being produced in very large amount in our body. It is called Hyperuricemia. The large amount of uric acid accumulates in the joints and causes severe pain in the joints. Hence it is necessary to control the amount of uric acid in our body.

In Ayurvedic view, the vata and kapha dosa gets imbalanced due to mithya ahara and vihara (incompatible diet and lifestyle practices)  and vata is predominant in this disorder. According to Ayurveda this is called Vata-Rakta.


  • Excessive consumption of oily, spicy,hot foods, sour foods, salts etc.
  • Excessive eating of tomato, masur dal, urad dal, curd, kanji, circa, spinach, soybean, mushroom, cheese, other beans and underground vegetables like potato.
  • Excessive consumption of tobacco, alcoholic beverages causes of increase uric acid level in blood.
  • Excessive anger, anxiety.
  • Sleeping during day time and remains awakened during night.
  • Eating of non combining foods which are opposite to each other such as fish with jack fruit, salt or any salty substances with milk, horse gram with milk etc.


  • Excessive pain in the joints associated with redness, swelling, heat, inflammation and stiffness.
  • Patient feels sudden pain in ankle joint, front and back portion of soles of the foot.
  • Pain aggravated during night.
  • Feeling of giddiness, feverish with cold and shivers.
  • Sometimes joints get frozen.
  • Feeling of laziness, heaviness in the body, restlessness.


  • Aloevera juice and amla juice are very beneficial in this condition.
  • Consume fresh coconut water regularly.
  • Consume high fiber diet. Apple, papaya, cherry, pears, strawberry, pumpkin, bottle gourd, round gourd, zucchini, long gourd are all good for high uric acid.
  • High doses of vitamin C and Vitamin E are helpful to reduce uric acid levels naturally.
  • Ayurvedic formulations like Dashmul kwath, Kaisora guggulu, Maha Yograj Guggulu, Giloy Sat, Punarnava mandura, Punarnava guggulu, Navkarshik Churna, Aswagandha churna are excellent natural remedies to reduce uric acid levels and helps in gout pain.
  • Take approx. 2 gm of pure Shilajit with milk twice a day. It is highly beneficial.
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